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The sorry state of frontend code

March 12, 2018

Let’s be honest, we do not treat frontend code the same way we treat backend code. And it shows. We talk about applying rules of clean code, about keeping it simple, about writing unit tests. Yet, when it comes to writing frontend code, we skip all those rules that we usually self impose. We convinced... Read more

How to manage “almost done” status of features

October 11, 2016

You and your team are preparing to deploy in production a set of features. Unfortunately, some of these have the status”almost done” and it’s not clear how much longer will take until done. Straight to the point – this shouldn’t happen. To avoid the failure of the deployment, one way is to reconsider how your team... Read more

Feedback and happy teams

June 20, 2016

Throughout my software-development years, giving and receiving feedback has proven to be an important tool. It helped me drive the projects forward and improved my skills as a developer. In this article, you can find out why it’s important to give feedback to your colleagues, and, more importantly, what are the proper means to provide... Read more

Joining a team? 5 techniques to start & a developer story

March 31, 2016

Making a new developer productive as quickly as possible is most of the times challenging for the product team. I’ve heard stories about new on-boarding team members needing up to several weeks, or even months, until they feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough about the project and the code. This shouldn’t be the norm. Situations like these are... Read more