Alexandre Cuva and Alex Bolboaca

May 8, 2021

How do we learn technical practices? What role does the software craft movement play in the overall ecosystem? And what would a programmer like in being a CEO? We discussed this and more with Alexandre Cuva. Alexandre Cuva is a recognized specialist with 20 years of experience in an international environment. He is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Agile Technical Coach, Craftsman and Trainer. He has extensive experience in IT, as a developer, architect, agile technical coach, CTO in the finance, government and insurance sectors. With almost 4 years of agile leadership in outsourcing, where he was co-founder and CEO of SmartDev LLC, an Agile IT company in Vietnam with about 100 employees without line management using the ROWE practice (Result Office Working Environment). He was also CTO at Smartlink SA, a Swiss finance company in mobile payments, where he applied the principles of Lean / Agile Management and supported ScrumXP teams in Vietnam and India. Find him on LinkedIn or twitter Alex Bolboaca is a programmer, CTO, author, trainer and coach at Mozaic Works. Find him on LinkedIn, and on twitter Mozaic Works provides high quality, customized training, coaching, and advice for companies who want to improve their effectiveness in the market, mainly through the use of modern leadership and technical practices. Check out our offer and ask us questions at Think. Design. Work Smart. Visit the channel and subscribe

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