Bettina Shzu Juraschek – How to Recover from a Hard Pivot

Bettina shares why and how Babbel pivoted from launching a new product to delivering value through its current product as well as lessons learned along the way. She sets out to answer questions such as:
– As a product manager, how do you decide what problems are the most important to solve from this seemingly blank slate? – How might the team setup change? – How might the product development process change? – What kind of new roles might be needed? Bettina Shzu-Juraschek is a Texan product manager and hobby programmer living in Berlin since 2008. She’s currently working with Babbel to help their users learn foreign languages better. Previously, she grew the revenue over 20% year over year for a mature product at ImmoScout, and she also co-organized the first ClojureBridge workshop in Berlin. Currently, she is also mentoring women who want to transition to tech careers. Product Leaders Summit is an event for everyone passionate about building successful products. You can find out more at The event has been proudly designed by Mozaic Works. Mozaic Works is providing high quality, customized learning experiences and change programs to achieve business agility, successful products, technical excellence, agile management and leadership. Find out more from Think. Design. Work Smart. Visit the channel and subscribe

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