Code&Beer Anniversary

Once upon a time a wish was born in our trainer’s soul: to gather programmers in a place, in Romania where anyone can come, code and go wherever they please. His wide experience and knowledge about programming was built on his own years of programming but also on others experience shared when he met them. He chose to do this continuous improvement on learning and his wish came true a year ago – Code&Beer events series started. These events gather AgileWorks community members and not only. Adrian Bolboaca, the central figure of this story, is our trainer and coach who had the idea of starting this event. You can read about his first experience of the Code&Beer event on his blog written one year ago.


On 29th October, Code&Beer celebrated 1-year anniversary. Programmers within AgileWorks community met in the same place. After one year, no reservation was needed at the restaurant, the location where Code&Beer takes place bimonthly because the host is used with having programmers every two Tuesdays. There are a lot of new people interested in this meeting and we can only wish the Code&Beer event a “Happy Anniversary”. The concept lives by its own. Adrian has already trusted in the regular attendees to hand them over the facilitation. During this gathering, people have interesting  discussions, they can learn & experience new things and practices, they write code by themselves but mostly using pair-programming.

The community gathers people with similar interests, with similar values, and facilitates sharing their knowledge and experience. Most of the people joining Code&Beer prefer to come, experience and understand code, pair-programming, new technologies, new technical problems, technical practices rather than read about them. Albert Einstein said that “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” This bimonthly event is the appropriate environment to share experience, understand and learn.

We could call this “will to be better” or “constructive curiosity”. What is clear is that we can learn more things joining others’ experience and then doing things by ourselves.

My advice is to experiment this meeting once and after that, you can decide if you like it or not. My guess is that you will want to join again after the first encounter.

If you want to achieve knowledge about technical practices, we can help with:

Let us know and we will create a customized package for your needs.

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