Elizabeth Morrow & Augustin Popa – C++ cross-platform tools from Microsoft with Alex Bolboaca

Before the CppEurope 2020 conference, Alex Bolboaca had the chance to discuss about the state of cross-platform C++ tools with Augustin Popa, Program Manager at Microsoft C++, and with Elizabeth Morrow, Software Engineer on the C++ Cross Platform IDE Experience team.

We looked at debugging support, at introducing various OS and container targets for your Visual Studio projects, at a new attempt at a package manager for C++, and a few other things.

It was interesting to sit down with two representatives of the new, open Microsoft, spending their time trying to improve the developer experience and to extend the reach of the tools beyond Windows – to Linux and not only.

This conversation is part of the C++ Challenges series.

Augustin Popa is a Program Manager on the C++ team at Microsoft, planning and designing developer experiences in the Visual Studio IDE. Some of his past projects include ClangFormat, Google Test, and Boost.Test support. More recently, he is working on vcpkg, the cross-platform C++ library manager.

Elizabeth Morrow is a Software Engineer on the C++ Cross Platform IDE Experience team. She works primarily on scenarios to support for developers using MSBuild or CMake to target a Linux system from Visual Studio. Her ongoing project is native support in Visual Studio for the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

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