Flavius Stef – Geekterview during WebExpo Prague 2013

Last September I was invited by the organizers of WebExpo Prague to be part of their excellent conference. For my presentation I decided to tackle the topic of Lean Startup practices as applied to building and growing software products.

Web applications are especially suited for this approach for two reasons: data access and simple deployments. Because we have instant data access (after all, the databases are hosted on our servers) it’s very easy to analyze it and validate our assumptions. Another plus of the web platform is that it makesdeploying new versions of our applications easier, therefore we can potentially release new versions several times each day (and some teams actually do it).

After the talk, one of the organizers invited me to give a short interview on the topic of MVPs (minimum viable products). You can see it below:

One of the more controversial points I make is that MVPs don’t necessarily have to be software products at all. A paper prototype or a concierge MVP could be the most efficient way to test your hypothesis, and they don’t involve writing a single line of code.

If you are curious about the slides from the presentation, here they are:

Thank you Prague for having me around! It’s been a pleasure!

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