Greg Albrecht – Open innovation in building and marketing new products

In his Keynote session at the first edition of Product Leaders Summit, Greg covers issues such as: – Culture clash: How to use the power of intrapreneurship in a big company.
– Using an external innovation ecosystem (buy, build, borrow)
– Sand-box venture – how to grow new opportunities by outsourcing new ventures
All of which are illustrated by real-life examples on the topic of Open Innovation in Building and Marketing New Product. Grzegorz (Greg) Albrecht is an expert in entrepreneurship & starting new ventures. He's founded Albrecht&Partners – a company designing and building new startup projects, products, and revenue streams for mature companies. He has been introducing new products to the market for 14 years as a Product Manager, Business Owner, Investor and a Strategic Adviser. Product Leaders Summit is an event for everyone passionate about building successful products. You can find out more at The event has been proudly designed by Mozaic Works. Mozaic Works is providing high quality, customized learning experiences and change programs to achieve business agility, successful products, technical excellence, agile management and leadership. Find out more from Think. Design. Work Smart. Visit the channel and subscribe

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