Laura Powers – about Agility Summit

Agility Summit gathers visionary business leaders, managers, and change-makers looking for new ways to serve customers and shape organizations in a digital world. For those shaping their organizations, the event provides knowledge and lessons learned from digital transformations, agile transformations to innovation, and reinventions to achieve business agility. Other topics of interest are: how to enhance agility, tools, and techniques that lead to a productive and happy environment in a digital world. Would you like to join us for Agility Summit on 24-25 November 2020? Register here: This event is organized by Mozaic Works Team. Mozaic Works is providing high quality, customized learning experiences and change programs to achieve business agility, successful products, technical excellence, agile management and leadership. Mozaic Works helps organizations navigate the complexities of business agility. Our team strength lies in its ability to help clients overcome the challenges that are on the path toward agility and to accelerate the change. Visit the channel and subscribe

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