Flavius Stef ā€“ Geekterview during WebExpo Prague 2013

March 16, 2014

Last September I was invited by the organizers ofĀ WebExpo PragueĀ to be part of their excellent conference. For my presentation I decided to tackle the topic of Lean Startup practices as applied to building and growing software products. Web applications are especially suited for this approach for two reasons: data access and simple deployments. Because we... Read more

What was The Most Interesting In 2013

March 16, 2014

Three interesting gatherings took place this year, involving a lot of energy, professionals people and content. Ā 1.Ā ALE2013 The 3rd edition of the non-profit ALE UnconferenceĀ gatheredĀ theĀ best European Agile and Lean experts, in Bucharest, for three full days of knowledge sharing. We ended the most awesome unconference with free spirit, new friends, great new ideas and many,... Read more

Meet software professionals from all over Europe

March 16, 2014

We invite you to theĀ second editionĀ of the exciting IT event for programmers, testers, technical leaders and managersĀ IĀ T.A.K.E. Unconference 2014.Ā We created it to offer you the opportunity toĀ meet software professionalsĀ from all over Europe. Our first confirmed keynote speaker isĀ Michael Feathers,Ā the author ofĀ ā€Working Effectively with Legacy Codeā€ (Prentice Hall, 2004) andĀ a world renown consultantĀ with over 15 Ā years... Read more

Coding with a Stranger

March 16, 2014

Romanians have a saying: ā€œSkills are not learned, they are stolenā€. We believe this is true about programming skills as well, so we strive to create opportunities for programmers to steal skills from one another. ā€œCoding with a Strangerā€ is such an opportunity. A Personal Story I will make a confession: Iā€™m an introvert programmer.... Read more

5 Tricks to Amplify Learning

March 16, 2014

One of the core lean principles, also applied in agile context, is ā€œamplify learningā€. The reason is that software development is a complex endeavor. We deal every day with new things, either changes in the market, in the user behavior or in the technologies we use. Sometimes, we feel that itā€™s impossible to keep up.... Read more

Give feedback for performance

March 16, 2014

Feedback is one of the most powerful tools a manager, developer or HR professional can use toĀ reduce mistakesĀ andĀ increase performance. It is a key practice in Agile and Lean and, although it sounds easy it is quite hard. Read this post for a more detailed description of good practices for feedback inside a development team. Consider... Read more

Do Agile Teams Have Performance Reviews?

March 16, 2014

How does the practice of performance reviews match an agile environment? Sooner or later, most teams adopting agile come to an unanticipated discovery: the impact of this way of working goes far beyond adjusting to iterative development or learning some technical practices. It also profoundly impacts the way companies do sales, marketing or HR. In... Read more

What is behind the ā€œOpen Spaceā€ concept ā€“ part 2

March 16, 2014

This takes a second post of a series about the Open Space format. InĀ the first part, we talked aboutĀ how the Open Space format was born,Ā when itā€™s appropriate as a format andĀ the rules that guide it: the law of two feet and the 5 principles. In this post weā€™ll cover theĀ Market Place,Ā theĀ facilitatorĀ and theĀ participants discussions. We talk... Read more

Ask better questions in your daily meeting

November 20, 2013

You might be wasting your time in ineffective daily meetings because you are asking the wrong questions. Could other questions give us a richer understanding of the current Sprint? The boring Daily Scrum I think the Daily Stand-up is one of the most misunderstood agile practices. As a coach, I get to see many teams... Read more

Sharing and Learning in the European Communities: SoCraMOB

November 20, 2013

Last week I was invited byĀ MarcoĀ to be part of the awesome series ofĀ Open SpaceĀ events organized by the Software Craftsmanship (Softwerkskammer) community from MĆ¼nster, Osnabruck and Bielefeld. These Open Space events are organized by the local Software Craftsmanship community that consists of software professionals from the three cities. A couple of years ago, they decided they... Read more

Scrum Master Typologies

November 20, 2013

The Scrum Master role is difficult to understand and execute well. Itā€™s not a manager, itā€™s not a technical role, itā€™s not a boss. Itā€™s a leader, facilitator and coach. Not all Scrum Masters are at this level; what about you? The Scrum Master is a very important role in Scrum. Like any important role,... Read more

Code&Beer Anniversary

November 20, 2013

Once upon a time a wish was born in our trainerā€™s soul: to gather programmers in a place, in Romania where anyone can come, code and go wherever they please. His wide experience and knowledge about programming was built on his own years of programming but also on others experience shared when he met them.... Read more

What do the User Stories mean?

October 30, 2013

Ā User Stories are the bridge between the customer and the development team. They are short, clear, written sentences which tell everyone what the system needs to do for the user. For the Agile practitioners, the user stories are known as one of theĀ primary development artifacts for Scrum project teams. Those artifacts resume clearly the requirements... Read more

Executable Specifications

October 29, 2013

How do we specify requirements? Chatting is inherently imprecise. Email looses context. Even the ideal requirement document starts to decay once it is done. The most precise way we know to store knowledge is code. Could we use code to write specifications that are easy to understand by non-technical stakeholders and that check the behavior... Read more

Adi Presents Programming Games Tonight at xALEc

October 28, 2013

Our colleague Adi Bolboacă was invited to talk about programming games tonight at xALEc. xALEc is an online meeting for the Agile Lean Europe network where interesting ideas are discussed and exchanged between the community members from everywhere. Programming games are games that programmers can play to improve a specific skill: collaboration, communication, writing expressive... Read more

Architecture at Agile 2013

October 25, 2013

(Guest blog post by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, originally appeared onĀ her blog. Republished with permission.) What a busy, intense week Agile 2013 was! It was a great opportunity to connect with old friends and meet folks who share common interests and energy. I also had a lot of fun spreading the word/exchanging ideas about two things Iā€™m... Read more

How an Unit Test should look like

October 14, 2013

Often during my life as a programmer, coach and trainer I have to explain how a test should look like. So I decided to write about this subject. Remember that code, especially test code, is read more often than written. Often you will be the person to read it after you wrote it. So do... Read more