Management 3.0. The Role of an Agile Manager

Guest post by Ralph van Roosmalen Imagine this: You are working as a manager at a company, you work there already for years and things are not going bad but you know there is room for improvement. You heard about Scrum, Agile, the Agile Manifesto… and you decide to learn more about it. You visit a few conferences, attend …

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What is Really Software Engineering?

I recently started writing my fourth book, “Mastering Software Engineering in C++”. This led me into asking a fundamental question: what is really software engineering? You may find the answer surprising. Here’s the video: If you have any questions on comments, please don’t hesitate to post them below.

A new method for fast refactoring of legacy code

In this article, I will present a method that I’ve tried in a few codebases in compiled languages for safely and quickly refactoring untested code. First, we will discuss the main problem we are trying to solve, quickly introduce the techniques coined by Michael Feathers, then discuss some shortcomings of the existing techniques, and finally …

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Enterprise flight into DevOps space

This is a guest post by Andrey Adamovich The first time, I gave a talk titled “Enterprise flight into DevOps space”, was in late 2014 at DevConFu conference. After that, I have delivered the presentation several times during 2015 at various conferences in Europe. For some time, I considered that a “closed topic” and did not …

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Modular Monolith Or Microservices?

It’s impossible to ignore the topic of microservices today. We hear about them from social media, conferences, specialized websites, books, framework vendors, communities, colleagues. It seems like they’re the only way to go. But are they? To answer this question, we first need to explore why are microservices so useful, what are their downsides and …

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What is Evolutionary Design?

Evolutionary Design is the practice of growing a system in a natural way, by adding the minimum amount of code to satisfy the business needs in an iterative and incremental approach. When done right, the code structure changes continuously to optimize for change, thus allowing a constant speed of development for longer periods of time.   In …

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Productivity through visibility – the Kanban board

We’ve all have been there: trying to become more productive and improve the way we work. If you are looking for a way to limit the “work in progress” answers received from your colleagues and achieve better results, here is a tool you can experiment with: the Kanban board. What is the Kanban board  A kanban …

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Technical Leadership: Lessons from the trenches

Is technical leadership important? Even in a modern, agile / lean / software craftsmanship company? My experience says it is not only important but the key to the improved performance of developers. Whether we’re talking about a team technical lead, a software architect, a CTO, or an informal leader, I often see the need to understand their …

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