Personal Responsibility Process

We discuss the Personal Responsibility Process by Christopher Avery, a model that explains “how all people mentally process thoughts about avoiding or taking responsibility”. Find more info on the website and in the book

Code Reviews DOs And Donts

Following a discussion on code reviews that started at CppEurope 2022, we are diving deeper into the dos and don’ts of code reviews. Learn how your code reviews are an important feedback mechanic for team learning and for preventing defects, and how to use them effectively while collaborating. Few links: InfoQ topic Article that …

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Real Options

We discuss real options, a technique coined by Chris Matts, in the context of agile software development, looking to understand it better. Few links: real options definition in finance from Investopedia: article by Chris Matts and Olav Maassen: Adi Bolboaca is a VP, trainer and coach at Mozaic Works. Alex Bolboaca is a …

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Theory of Constraints in Practice

Software development organizations working in silos are often facing the situation of bottlenecks appearing on the delivery chain. The typical management reaction is to optimize locally, thus putting more pressure on the bottleneck while failing to improve the whole chain. Theory of Constraints is a way for managers to remove bottlenecks while improving the whole …

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Are Feature Branches Evil? Think Incrementally Instead

Are feature branches evil? Is trunk based development the solution to your problems? Or is there something more to it? (Spoiler warning: we believe that incremental thinking is the solution to the root problem) Alex shares his thoughts on Thierry de Pauw’s article and talk “Feature Branches Considered Evil”. Check out Thierry’s article here: …

Are Feature Branches Evil? Think Incrementally Instead Read More »

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