Architecture Trends from InfoQ Report

In April 2021, InfoQ has published a report on trends in architecture and design: In this video, Alex reacts to it, offering advice to software architects and programmers interested in architecture. Spoilers: it’s best to learn about the fundamental principles of software design and architecture. If you want to learn more about architecture, check …

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DDD Applied with Mathias Verraes

What is Domain Driven Design really about? How do we apply its techniques? And how can developers start with it? We discuss this and more with Mathias Verraes. Mathias is a student of systems, founder of DDD Europe conference, founder of Aardling, a boutique consultancy that advises organisations on designing software for complex environments. He …

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JIRA vs. Agility

Does JIRA help agility? Does it hinder it? Why do some people love it and others hate it? We decided to tackle the elephant in many agile rooms, and react to a few articles about JIRA vs. agility. Here are the links: Adi Bolboaca is a VP, trainer and coach at …

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Debunking Myths About Programming – Episode 1

We debunk a few myths about programming submitted from twitter: Pair programming is pay two people for doing one person job Business people can’t understand technical stuff. Developers can’t understand business stuff Writing software is a mere technical job You have to do … (agile, scrum, kanban, whateva) A high skilled software developer is always …

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DDD vs. the Real World

We analyze and react to the insightful article by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock and Mathias Verraes called “Design and Reality”, that describes how ubiquitous language is different from domain language, and how additional domain elements can be found and influence the problem domain. The article is here:


Dan North has recently published an article detailing his proposal for replacing SOLID principles with a set of design properties that he named CUPID. We look at his initial article describing his criticism of SOLID principles and at the new article describing the CUPID design properties, and give a verdict: should we all switch to …

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Enabling Constraints for Agile Technical Leadership

Constraints are desirable for agile teams, when they enable the teams to develop in the direction that helps the organization. Leaders should set enabling constraints and monitor how they help the team, while also removing existing blocking constraints. We chat about the fundamentals of enabling constraints and discuss examples from technical practices. Adi Bolboaca is …

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Woody Zuill – No Estimates, Mob Programming and More

Woody Zuill helps teams create an environment where everyone can excel in their work and life. He contributed to the industry with ideas related to No Estimates / Beyond Estimates, Mob Programming, and more around Lean Software Development and Systems Thinking in software development teams. You can reach him on twitter @woodyZuill, on LinkedIn …

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Moldable Development with Tudor Girba

Tudor Gîrba ( is a software environmentalist and co-founder of where he works with an amazing team on Glamorous Toolkit (, a novel IDE that enables moldable development ( In 2014, he won the prestigious Dahl-Nygaard Junior Prize for his software engineering research (, being the only recipient of that prize that was not …

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