Conclusions – Focus on large scale vs small scale

July 25, 2020

After 6 months of interesting conversations with various people from software development, Alex discusses another interesting conclusion: that the split between large scale and small scale has been around for a long time, and continues to this day. On one hand, design patterns, UML and DDD, and on the other XP and software craft –... Read more

Conclusions – Class oriented vs Object Oriented programming

July 18, 2020

After 6 months of conversations with interesting people from software development, Alex is talking about some of the things he learned about OOP. It all started from practical needs and a vision, moved through a search phase for best structures, but turned what Alex calls "Class oriented programming" – at least for a while. Watch... Read more

Applying design principles for Microservices

July 10, 2020

This is a talk about how to apply design principles to microservices, and how in fact microservices look very similar with object oriented programming as initially envisioned by Alan Kay. The talk was given by Alex Bolboaca at the invitation of the AgileWorks Romania community. Alex Bolboaca is a programmer, CTO, author, trainer and coach... Read more

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock & Alex Bolboaca – Design Challenges: OOP, Design Patterns, Heuristics

July 3, 2020

Object Oriented Programming is a fundamental part of our everyday work as programmers. But how was OOP in the beginning? And how do the pioneers of OOP think when designing software with objects? Watch this conversation with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, author of "Object Design – Roles, Responsibilities, and Collaborations", inventor of Responsibility-Driven Design (the first *DD),... Read more

Team Agreements with Alex

June 12, 2020

Following the interest on twitter in the team agreements from Mozaic Works shared by Rebecca Wirfs-Brock at a few conferences, Alex presents the reasoning behind team agreements, the background, and a few improvement ideas. This video is part of the Agile Challenges series. Alex Bolboaca is a programmer, CTO, author, trainer and coach at Mozaic... Read more

Date and Time are more difficult than you think

April 25, 2020

We’ve noticed when helping programmers with unit testing, and from public bugs, that many developers don’t know how complex is Date and Time. In this video, we’re going through a few things about DateTime that are important for writing correct code and for avoiding bugs. From time zones, and the international date line, to relativistic... Read more

Gee Paw Hill & Alex Bolboacă: XP, Change Harvesting and Camerata

April 24, 2020

This conversation is part of the Agile Challenges series. Alex Bolboaca is a programmer, CTO, author, trainer and coach at Mozaic Works. Mozaic Works provides high quality, customized training, coaching, and advice for companies who want to improve their effectiveness in the market, mainly through the use of modern leadership and technical practices. Check out... Read more

Remote Work in Agile

March 20, 2020

Brief Update: Due to our customers’ requests, we’ve just launched a new service: Since we are facing now a significant migration towards remote work, we decided to do a live stream and share our experience with working remotely in agile. Our experience includes a period of 9 months when Mozaic Works functioned as a completely... Read more

David Schmudde – Software, Art, Augmented Intelligence & Functional Programming with Alex Bolboaca

March 18, 2020

We had the chance to discuss with David Schmüdde, artist and programmer, passionate about functional programming, and tuned to the humanistic aspects of software development and computers’ role in society. We spent one hour discussing many interesting topics: functional programming, the humanistic aspects of programming, creating art with code, augmented intelligence, and the future of... Read more