Peter Hilton on Programming, Technical Documentation, and Product Management

April 9, 2020

Alex sat down for an hour with Peter Hilton, to discuss technical documentation practices.

Documentation is one of the things that most programmers know is important but would prefer to avoid it. Peter gives us a few hints on how to write just enough documentation, and how to do it in a way that’s useful.

This conversation is part of the Agile Challenges series.

Peter Hilton is a product manager, developer, writer, speaker, trainer, and musician. Peter’s professional interests are business process management, workflow automation, software functional design, agile software development methods, and software documentation. Peter consults for software companies and development teams, and delivers the occasional presentation and workshop.

Mozaic Works provides high quality, customized training, coaching, and advice for companies who want to improve their effectiveness in the market, mainly through the use of modern leadership and technical practices.

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