How Lean Startup Principles Help You Stop Throwing Money

Our colleague Flavius Stef talked at the business track of the Agile on the Beach conference (UK) about using the principles of Lean Startup into product development to reduce waste. The conference took place on the Cornish coast, and had over 300 attendees who enjoyed the sessions together with more than 40 speakers.

The key points of the talk are:

  • how adding features without first identifying the assumptions leads to waste
  • how experiments in the form of minimum viable product can help you reduce product risk and validate learning
  • how to write the minimum amount of code that will allow you to better understand the user’s need and design the minimum number of features for a happy user

Enjoy the talk and share your own stories in the comments!


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1 thought on “How Lean Startup Principles Help You Stop Throwing Money”

  1. Lean si Agile sunt doua concepte diferite.
    Lean vine din manufacturing si este o methodologie relative veche axata pe process. Impreuna cu Six Sigma este folosita pentru reducerea costurilor. Lean a fost introdus in Romania prin anii 60 si era in programa universitara cel putin de prin anii 70.

    Agile este un concept provenit din software (Agile Manifesto). Principalul obiectiv este ca produsul final sa corespunda cat mai mult nevoilor clientului, in comparative cu metodele traditionale in care produsul final trebuie sa corespunda cerintelor clientului.

    Desi paradoxal, pentru unii, combinatia lean/agile nu este recomandata pentru ca in final actioneaza ca un inhibitor al agilitatii. In pofida marketingului extraordinary Agile este in general mai putin efficient decat metodele traditionale, costul pe functionalitate livrata fiind de pana la 10 ori mai mare.

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