What was The Most Interesting In 2013

Three interesting gatherings took place this year, involving a lot of energy, professionals people and content.

ALE2013 - network

 1. ALE2013

The 3rd edition of the non-profit ALE Unconference gathered the best European Agile and Lean experts, in Bucharest, for three full days of knowledge sharing.

We ended the most awesome unconference with free spirit, new friends, great new ideas and many, many good memories:

We were also proud to see a completely new talk created in a few hours by Alexandru Bolboaca and Adrian Bolboaca being very well received by the audience. Its name is Unit Testing Patterns.

Alex’s talk on “Incremental Design, Simply Explained” was very appreciated, resulting in a follow-up session at ALE Hangouts:

2. I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2013

The first edition of this exciting IT event for programmers, testers, technical leaders and managers took place in Bucharest. We all met passionate software professionals from all over Europe. It featured talks, workshops and free sessions. We loved how it went, so we’re organizing an even better 2014 edition.

Two talks were very appreciated:

Sandro Mancuso about Software Craftsmanship:

and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock: Maintaining Your Code Clint Eastwood Style:

3. SoCraTes and SoCraTes UK

Architecture Kata At SoCraTes UK

Architecture Kata At SoCraTes UK

These Software Crafter gatherings brought together the most passionate developers from Europe. We are proud to sustain both unconferences through sponsorship. One of our trainers, Alexandru Bolboaca, had an important contribution at SoCraTes UK.

We’re sure next year will be at least as exciting as 2013. Until then, Happy Holidays to you!

Happy Christmas MW

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