Hands-on Functional Programming with C++

About The Book

Learn functional programming and build robust applications using the latest functional features in C++

Key Features

  • Learn programming concepts such as loops, expressive code, and simple parallelization
  • Understand the working of Lambdas and Currying and write Pure functions
  • Explore event sourcing and other functional patterns to improve the efficiency of your applications

Book Description

Functional programming enables you to divide your software into smaller, reusable components that are easy to write, debug, and maintain. Combined with the power of C++, you can develop scalable and functional applications for modern software requirements. This book will help you discover the functional features in C++ 17 and C++ 20 to build enterprise-level applications.

Starting with the fundamental building blocks of functional programming and how to use them in C++, you’ll explore functions, currying, and lambdas. As you advance, you’ll learn how to improve cohesion and delve into test-driven development, which will enable you in designing better software. In addition to this, the book covers architectural patterns such as event sourcing to help you get to grips with the importance of immutability for data storage. You’ll even understand how to “think in functions” and implement design patterns in a functional way.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to write faster and cleaner production code in C++ with the help of functional programming.

What you will learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of functional programming
  • Structure your code by understanding the building blocks of functional programming
  • Compare design styles in functional programming and object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Use the concept of currying to create new functions in C++
  • Become skilled at implementing design patterns in a functional way
  • Get to grips with multithreading by means of functional programming
  • Learn how to improve memory consumption when using functional constructs

Who this book is for

This book is for C++ developers who want to learn functional programming but have little to no knowledge of the paradigm. Although no prior knowledge of functional programming is necessary, basic C++ programming experience will help you understand key concepts covered in the book.

Table of Contents

  1. An Introduction to Functional Programming
  2. Understanding Pure Functions
  3. Deep Dive into Lambdas
  4. The Idea of Functional Composition
  5. Partial Application and Currying
  6. Thinking in Functions: From Data In to Data Out
  7. Removing Duplication Using Currying and Functional Composition
  8. Improving Cohesion Using Classes
  9. Test Driven Development For Functional Programming
  10. Performance optimization
  11. Property-based testing
  12. Refactoring to and through pure functions
  13. Immutability and architecture: event sourcing
  14. Lazy Evaluation Using Ranges Library
  15. STL support and proposals
  16. Standard language support and proposals
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