Agility over Agile

The article Agility over Agile, authors Alexandru Bolboaca and Adrian Bolboaca, is published in the Today Software Magazine, no 21. Agility over Agile Here’s a common situation nowadays: a large company learns about Agile and decides to adopt “agile processes”. The leadership team creates a transition plan that includes training, coaching, and consultancy. They monitor the advance by […]

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Innovate, Focus, Deliver event for startups and innovative teams

Last night, in Bucharest, entrepreneurs, managers and people interested in focusing ideas towards realisation met at TechHub. It was a special event where they found out: What practical tools to use in their teams Which solutions help and support them in their day-to-day challenges Maria Diaconu welcomed the audience with a few words about innovation, entrepreneurship and

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Open Closed Principle

Last time we talked about the problems John faces when encountering code that doesn’t follow the Single Responsibility Principle. This time we’ll discuss about his colleague, Jane. Jane is another programmer from the team, specialized in accounting. She receives requests from the accounting department, such as: Until now, all our services had the VAT of 18%

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Do Agile Teams Have Performance Reviews?

How does the practice of performance reviews match an agile environment? Sooner or later, most teams adopting agile come to an unanticipated discovery: the impact of this way of working goes far beyond adjusting to iterative development or learning some technical practices. It also profoundly impacts the way companies do sales, marketing or HR. In

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What is behind the “Open Space” concept – part 2

This takes a second post of a series about the Open Space format. In the first part, we talked about how the Open Space format was born, when it’s appropriate as a format and the rules that guide it: the law of two feet and the 5 principles. In this post we’ll cover the Market Place, the facilitator and the participants discussions. We talk

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Agile Challenge: Adopting Technical Practices

Scrum doesn’t mandate technical practices explicitly. Neither does kanban. Agile is a set of principles and practices, and it’s often hard to choose which one are useful. There’s a reason to that. Scrum is not a process but a framework that you adapt to your context. Kanban is about introducing change, and it’s up to

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What do the User Stories mean?

 User Stories are the bridge between the customer and the development team. They are short, clear, written sentences which tell everyone what the system needs to do for the user. For the Agile practitioners, the user stories are known as one of the primary development artifacts for Scrum project teams. Those artifacts resume clearly the requirements

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