Rebecca Wirfs-Brock: About Her Career and Experience

May 8, 2013

An interview of Rebecca Wirfs-Brock with Alex Bolboaca. Rebecca talks about her experience in software development. Also her experience of creating the Smalltalk language that had the first users, among others, Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck. She talks about the books she wrote Object Design: Roles. Responsibility, and Collaborations and Designing Object-Oriented Software.

Interview with Thomas Sundberg

April 25, 2013

Thomas Sundberg is a software developer, consultant and teacher at the Royal Institute of Technology from Stockholm. He will teach a workshop on testing web applications with Selenium. I asked him a few questions about himself and the workshop. This is the full interview. Enjoy!

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock — Blending Agile and Lean Practices: Two Quick Stories

March 29, 2013

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock president of Wirfs-Brock Associates and IEEE Software’s Design Columnist, is a well-known and respected object-oriented practitioner. She invented the way of thinking about objects known as Responsibility-Driven Design and is the lead author of Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities, and Collaborations (2003) and the classic Designing Object-Oriented Software (1990). Through her writing, teaching, consulting,... Read more