Fun & Innovative

At Mozaic Works, we believe that the development culture is whimsical in nature.

We love “Alice in Wonderland”, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy”, puns, and programming jokes.

We love games, to play and to create, and the occasional role playing.

Occasionally, this whimsical nature results in unformed ideas, that sometimes become a useful reality.

In this section, we share our whimsical spirit, unformed ideas, and innovative thoughts. We celebrate the cultural heritage of software development. And who knows, maybe we can come up with useful things as well.

Programming memes #2

By Alex Bolboaca / 6 Jan 2024

Just reacting to some fun programming memes, to start 2024 with a laugh. Links:

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DateTime XKCD And 2024 Is A Leap Year

By Alex Bolboaca / 15 Dec 2023

The latest xkcd talks about Date and Time problems in a very funny way. It is also a good time to remind you that 2024 is a leap year, so be prepared. Links:

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Programming Memes Reaction

By Alex Bolboaca / 5 Aug 2023

Just reacting to some programming memes. Sources:

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Corn on a cob and Programming Styles

By Alex Bolboaca / 8 Apr 2023

Does the way you eat corn on a cob relate to your preferred programming style? This article says it does, so let’s look into it! Link:

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Fun Reaction to NotMyAgile Tweets

By Alex Bolboaca / 9 Apr 2022

We recorded this video on April 1st, and we decided to do something fun. So we react to the series of tweets by NotMyAgile

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brown starfish on blue sand

A Useless Web Pattern

By Alex Bolboaca / 23 Mar 2022

I love to explore various options for design when doing my deliberate practice. Sometimes I realize that these options are useless in nature, yet try them anyway – because discovering new things is fun! And because you never know what you’ll learn down the line. While recording a series of videos “Alex learns htmx“, I […]

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woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

Teach Programming Test-First

By Alex Bolboaca / 18 Mar 2022

I have been looking throughout my career for ideas and practices that would make software developers happier and more productive. I have come to the conclusion that the main way to achieve this goal is to teach developers much earlier about techniques that improve flow and reduce mistakes. The fundamental technique that we have at […]

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Reaction to Mazda Infotainment System Bricked By Radio Station

By Alex Bolboaca / 11 Feb 2022

We react to the Ars Technica article on how a radio station transmission bricked the Mazda infotainment system All we can say is: if you’re afraid something like this might happen, perhaps we can work together on an automated testing strategy.

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The Buffy Coderetreat Session

By Alex Bolboaca / 7 Feb 2022

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is an American TV series that ran from 1997 to 2003. I first saw episodes around the 2000s, when it ran on Romanian television and later on French television while working in Paris. At that time, I thought the series was kind of silly and didn’t watch much of it. This […]

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Gerard Meszaros Weird Bug

By Alex Bolboaca / 21 Aug 2021

The story of one of the weirdest bug encountered by Gerard Meszaros. This video is an excerpt from a longer conversation. Find the first part here: Gerard Meszaros is an agile software development consultant, trainer, author and semi-frequent conference speaker. He is well known for his book “XUnit Test Patterns”, for his contribution to […]

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