Joining a team? 5 techniques to start & a developer story

March 31, 2016

Making a new developer productive as quickly as possible is most of the times challenging for the product team. I’ve heard stories about new on-boarding team members needing up to several weeks, or even months, until they feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough about the project and the code. This shouldn’t be the norm. Situations like these are... Read more

Challenge the way you work. New techniques to try on (I)

February 18, 2016

Challenge the way you work. Stay happy & productive!  My colleagues, advising or coaching teams to be happy and productive, listen and learn constantly about the challenges they have during the day-to-day activity. In the next series of articles, we share with you practical solutions to common challenges encountered when developing software products, as well as new techniques to help... Read more

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