Community Involvement

Involvement and results

Agile, Lean and Software Craftsmanship

In 2007-2008 Maria Diaconu, Mozaic Works CEO, founded the Romanian Agile Lean community, Agile Works. In 2009 she and Alex Bolboaca facilitated the first code retreat in Europe. Since then, our team contributed a great deal in various European communities and we are proud to mention some of the results:

  • Agile Works currently has 6 active local self-organizing communities
  • Software Craftsmanship movement is an active part of the Agile Works community
  • More than 50 code retreats in Europe facilitated by our colleagues

I T.A.K.E. Unconference

We organize a unique technical (un)conference, I T.A.K.E. (Innovation Technology. Awareness. Knowledge. Excellence.), that gathers the most passionate developers from all around Europe. The topics are technical excellence, innovation, testing, architecture, and other subjects closely related with Software Craftsmanship and Agile-Lean. More details at: