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Assessment and recommendations

Find answers to your improvement questions on various areas: process, technical, people skills.

Gain a different perspective, at one or more levels:

  • business agility and value streams for your customers
  • product
  • team or department process
  • architecture and design
  • development

After focused interviews and reviews, Mozaic Works coaches deliver to you the findings, conclusions, impediments, recommendations and improvement suggestions.

What’s next?

You can chose to continue with:

  • improvement roadmap
  • hands on training on the priority topics
  • mentoring or coaching program, customized for your unique context

Mozaic Works coaches don’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach and can help you find the right combination of activities for a successful transition to a better state.

Note: fast growing teams and companies are frequently asking for an assessment as they aim growing on a solid ground.