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Lean Kanban adoption

Reduce costs and increase value for your business and your customers by improving the flow.


Common reasons to adopt Lean Kanban:

  • production activity aligned with the business goals
  • balance production, operational and maintenance requests
  • simple process to start with when you don’t have any (startups, small companies)
  • experiment a different approach

Who is involved

The scope of the Lean Kanban adoption can be one or more of:

  • teams
  • products
  • lines of business
  • organization


Each client organization has an unique culture, team members with diverse experience and skills, and business goals. Mozaic Works coaches use an agile lean approach, by starting small and advancing in iterations. Each iteration ends with a retrospective, where the transition roadmap is re-evaluated and revised.

Common options:

Training + Adoption

  • Lean Kanban hands-on training

Benefit: align the knowledge inside your team and get the ‘why’ behind practices and techniques

  • Set work environment

Benefit: set the stage correctly for applying the new learnt practices and get the most of it

  • Coaching / training on the job for improving the visual board, managing complex systems, improving flow and team dynamics, facilitating meetings, retrospectives & more

Benefit: fast feedback from the coach, who also works hands on with the team while continuing production

Improve your flow and your system

  • Assessment

Benefit: get an accurate outside view for your Lean state, along with the recommendations of an experienced Lean Kanban practitioner and coach

  • Coaching for facilitators, leaders, managers or other key people

Benefit: fast advancement of your team members skills

Rent an expert

  • Rent a Lean Kanban facilitator

Benefit: improve or define your process with the help of an experienced practitioner and coach

Feel free to ask for a customized option, depending on your needs. Mozaic Works coaches don’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach and can help you find the right combination of activities for a successful transition to a better state.