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Lean startup approach

Bring value to your customers while you are very quickly learning about what works and discard what doesn’t.


Common reasons to use Lean startup approach, in either small or large enterprise:

  • validate your product idea faster, with a minimum investment
  • minimize risks by accelerating the learning at all levels through well-run experiments
  • pivot and reduce the losses generated by dead-end solutions

Who is involved

Depending on the scope and objectives of the assignment:

  • product teams
  • start-up teams


Learn by doing, with the hands on help of a Mozaic Works practitioner and coach:

  • Build MVP (minimum viable product) for your visionary customers
  • Better usage of business model canvas, of personnas and user stories, of metrics
  • Grow the product in a coherent, incremental manner
  • Experience the power of experiments in your business, identify hypothesis and learn faster than before

Or rent an expert:

  • programmer with mentoring experience
  • Product Owner
  • CTO

Feel free to ask for a customized option, depending on your needs. Mozaic Works coaches don’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach and can help you find the right combination of activities for a successful transition to a better state.