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Managing empowered teams

Lead and coach your teams to their best.


Common reasons to give autonomy and grow empowered teams:

  • increased quality through a higher level of engagement
  • creative, faster solutions to existing issues
  • improved results through collaboration
  • motivated and happier team members

Who is involved

Depending on the scope of the assignment, the following people can be involved:

  • product managers
  • team leaders
  • department and line managers
  • C-level


Each client organization has an unique culture, team members with diverse experience and skills, and business goals. Mozaic Works coaches use an agile lean approach, by starting small and advancing in iterations. Each iteration ends with a retrospective, where the transition roadmap is re-evaluated and revised.

Common options:

  • Leading empowered teams hands-on training

Benefit: practice new management techniques in a fail-safe environment

  • Assessment

Benefit: get an accurate outside view for the state of performance reviews, metrics and team selforganization, along with the recommendations of an experienced coach

  • Coaching program

Benefit: fast feedback from the coach and support for leading teams using more coaching and less power

Feel free to ask for a customized option, depending on your needs. Mozaic Works coaches don’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach and can help you find the right combination of activities for a successful transition to a better state.