Applied Agile Transition Masterclass

Smooth your transition to Agile for your teams and organisation

During this applied workshop, you will learn how to transition your team or organization to agile. You will gain a deeper knowledge of the transition process so that you can either do it yourself or hire and manage agile coaches in an effective, productive manner.

Why Attend

  • Learn how to transition your organization to agile
  • Identify typical blockages to implementing agile and how to surpass these
  • Evolve your organization to a management system designed to reduce time to market and improve the adaptability to change

Who Should Attend

  • Managers who want to transition their team/organization to agile
  • Leaders involved in agile transition
  • Scrum Masters, leadership members or anyone who want to become an agent of change

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion



  • Intro. Why transition to agile?
  • Values, Principles, Practices of agile
  • How to use Values for an agile transition
  • Agile change management in brief
  • Exercise: Situational transition. What would you do?
  • Transition roadmap. 10 steps for advancing faster in agile transition
  • Exercise: Build your own transition roadmap
  • Social interactions. Profiling. Transition risks
  • Exercise: Identify the social leaders of the group. Options to optimize transition.
  • Training, Coaching, Managing – what to use when
  • Exercise: When to train, coach or manage, depending on the context
  • 7 steps from Micro-management to Self-management
  • Exercise: Apply this 7-step transition pattern. What to do in each step. Train, Coach or Manage?
  • Measures of transition progress. When to stop. When to break.
  • Exercise: Identify progress in your transition. When do you know you achieved your objectives?
  • Cost of change. Impact and absorption of change.
  • Exercise: Observe change velocity. Too fast, too slow, good enough?
  • Transparency of change. What and how to communicate in order to have everyone on board.
  • Exercise: Create a plan to make the change transparent to all the factors involved. Exercise: How to identify and manage risks.
  • Transition is over. What now?
  • Final debriefing. What’s next?

More details and full agenda here


  • Basic knowledge of agile
  • Having read Agile Manifesto and the principles behind

What’s next?

  • Subscribe to the “Agile Transition Program for Managers” to benefit from live guidance and advisory during your transition from experienced agile transition coaches and trainers.

Meet Your Trainers

Adrian Bolboaca

VP of Innovation, Senior Trainer at Mozaic Works

With more than 16 years of international experience in the world of software and transformations, Adrian shares about himself: I want to help my clients improve their business. I was helped by my professors, colleagues and mentors to continuously improve. Whenever I write code I focus on reducing domain complexity to obtain robust, maintainable software. The continuous improvement paradigm is important for the people I work with and for myself; this is why I like helping people, teams and businesses to become more adaptable and reach their goals. About Adi International hands-on experience in product & software development for more than 16 years in small and large companies, with customers from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, France Experienced…

More about Adrian Bolboaca >
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