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Crafting Code


The course it totally hands-on and developers will learn many techniques that they can apply immediately to real-world projects. It is designed to help developers write well-crafted code. By well-crafted code we mean code that is testable, maintainable, clean, and that expresses the domain business.

Who should attend

Software developers that:

  • are familiar with at least one Object-Oriented language
  • are able to understand Java C#
  • can write and execute unit tests using a framework (such as JUnit, NUnit, etc.)
  • have a basic understanding of mock objects

Why attend

Write Clean Code is hard. Cleaning existing code is even harder. You should attend if you want to:

  • Learn the Software Craftsmanship attitude to development
  • Write clean code that is easy to understand and maintain
  • Become proficient in TDD
  • Use TDD to focus your code on business requirements
  • Understand design principles that lead to clean code
  • Learn how to avoid over engineering
  • Gain confidence in working with legacy code

Expected outcome

  • Become more proficient in driving well-crafted code via tests
  • Understand design principles that lead to clean code
  • Increased confidence in working with legacy code

Topics covered

  • TDD Lifecycle and the and Outside-in TDD
  • Writing unit tests that express intent, not implementation
  • Using unit tests as a tool to drive good design
  • Expressive code
  • Testing and refactoring Legacy Code
  • Introduction to SOLID Principles and Domain-Driven Design

The course if fully hands-on and developers will be writing a lot of code.


Developers must:

  • Bring their own laptops
  • Have a development environment consisting of: their favourite Object-Oriented language, a unit test framework and a mocking library
  • Be able to create projects, build source code and run test cases in their development environment

Practical details

  • Included: welcome coffee, lunch and coffee breaks
  • Training language: English
  • Attendees will receive a certificate of participation

Need more information? Contact us and we’ll help you choose the right course for you.