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Free Webinar: Bridge the Gap Between Business and Digital Products

When: Wednesday, 28 April 2021, 15:30 EEST. Click here for the event in your timezone.

If you ask a business person what their goals are, they will tell you things like: increase revenue, improve customer happiness, reduce costs or optimize growth. Yet when you go to discuss with the team building the product, you will see a bunch of features described as requirements or as user stories, sitting on a wall or in a digital tool. Rarely will the team be able to tell you what business goal relates to the features or the refactoring they are building this week.

This disconnect leads to unexpected issues: developers working on completely different priorities, injecting pet features, or missing opportunities in the market. Once you have a team that is efficient, these issues can still bring down your product investment.

Join this 1 hour webinar to learn how Impact Mapping can help you bridge this gap and bring business decisions front and central to digital products. Alex Bolboaca will explain the general technique and give a few examples that showcase the usefulness of the method. Finally, he will answer your questions on the topic of strategic alignment between products and business.


  • 5′ Introduction
  • 25′ Talk “Bridge the Gap Between Business and Digital Products”
  • 20′ Q&A
  • 5′ Closing


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