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Lean Kanban Workshop



These days, a lot of teams are under pressure to deliver very, very fast. If you work in a startup or are part of an operations teams, the expected timeframe to deliver something is probably only a few days. If you have this challenge, Kanban is a great solution. It can help you and your team visualize your work, increase collaboration, focus on the most important tasks and constantly improve the way you work.

This is a hands-on, two day workshop that will introduce attendees to Lean principles and the Kanban method. During the two days, you will learn the steps of Kanban, get hands on experience using activities designed for your own context, review case studies from the industry and engage in lively discussions to help solidify the concepts.

Who should attend

  • Any team member
  • Line and department managers
  • Any member of a maintenance or operational team
  • Team leaders, Scrum Masters, Project Managers
  • Members of self-organizing teams

Why attend

  • Your team often misses its deadlines
  • You want more clarity on who does what
  • The important tasks do not get done
  • Your change initiatives take forever to be implemented
  • You already do Kanban and would like to improve


“You’ve created a perfect atmosphere both for useful things learnt and for keeping us interested all along the course.”
Andreea G., Romania

“The training was very good using games, samples, hands on for our needs, experienced trainer follow-up. Good job!.”
Calin B., Cluj-Napoca, Romania

“I am glad I could attend this training. I hope to put in my day-to-day practice as much as possible.”
Anca Z., Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Expected outcome

  • Visualize your work
  • Increase predictability of your process
  • Eliminate blockages by highlighting them
  • Remove bottlenecks to improve work flow
  • Learn a process for incremental change management

Topics covered

  • Lean Principles and Pull Systems
  • Understand Your Work Process with Value Stream Mapping
  • Keeping Track of Tasks with a Visual Board
  • Limiting Work in Progress Based on Your Team’s Characteristics
  • Deliver Faster by Managing Flow and Improving Cycle Time
  • Visualize and Remove Bottlenecks
  • Make Process Transparent with Explicit Policies
  • Using Kanban for Incremental Improvements
  • Next Steps After This Course

Practical details

  • Included: welcome coffee, lunch and coffee breaks
  • Training language: English/Romanian
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance

Need a customized workshop? Contact us and we’ll adapt the content as required.