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Free Webinar: Refactor C++ Legacy Code Through Pure Functions

How do you deal with the huge amounts of C++ code from your codebase? I bet you’d like to change a few things here and there, particularly when the code has been around for years, but it’s not that easy since any change can break seemingly unrelated features.

Join this free webinar to learn about a method of refactoring legacy code that takes advantage of pure functions, lambdas and data-driven or property-driven tests. Alexandru Bolboaca will share with you a process he’s been researching for a couple of years for safe refactoring of legacy code, and answer your questions on refactoring, legacy code and other issues.


  • 5′ Introduction
  • 25′ Talk “Refactoring Legacy Code Through Pure Functions”
  • 20′ Q&A
  • 5′ Closing


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