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I T.A.K.E Unconference 2017: Pre-event workshops

More time for paced, hands-on experimentation and learning


Developed based on our customers’ requests, we’re offering an extension of I T.A.K.E Unconference, as a pre-event 1-day practical, highly focused workshops with top-notch practitioners.
4 top-notch practitioners will lead you through hands-on lessons and experiences in areas such as DevOps, Architecture, Quality Practices, and Software Design. 

Who should attend

  • Architect, DevOps, CTO, Technical Co-Founder, Manager, Craftsman Programmer, Team Leader, Technical Consultant

Why attend

This 1-day workshop is for you if:

  • You want to deepen your knowledge
  • You are passionate about software excellence
  • You want to level-up your tech skills


  • The participant is choosing 2 of the 4 workshops available during 10th of May. As there are limited seats, the rule of first come, first served applies.
  • Each workshops its 1/2-day and 2 of the workshops will take place before lunch and the other 2 after lunch.


Mike is an independent developer, consultant and coach. He worked in software development for 30 years, most of that hands-on, and the bulk of it in C++.

 Johan is an independent software architect with a special interest in security. He is practitioner and passionate about his work.

Erik is wearing many hats: Agile & Lean Coach, Trainer, Software Craftsman, Collaboration Architect at Co-learning. Besides doing hands-on work as a freelancer deceloper, he worked as a software development teacher at the CVO Antwerp and Karel De Grote Hogeschool Antwerp.

Alastair is a developer at Cloud Hub 360. He is the founder of the Cambridge Software Craftsmanship Community in the UK and a co-organiser of DDD East Anglia.


Check the 4 workshops available.

Discover and play with docker from a developer perspective. Docker is not just for deployment, it’s great for development too. It greatly simplifies setting up a development, CI or test environments, enabling agility in your organization. It’s an excellent way to document and automate your infrastructure. Read more here

Tiny TDD : mapping our most valued XP and clean code practices to highly constrained devices. This workshop will cover some of the core concepts in embedded development for microcontrollers and then work through a real-life example of how TDD and clean code approaches can be realized on these systems, by developing a solution to a typical and realistic embedded systems problem. Read more here

How do you control access to REST services? This workshop will help you to identify access control requirements for a range of application types and discuss how these can be delivered given current standards and tools. Along the way the trainer will encounter important standards and concepts such as OAuth, OpenID Connect, JWT, IdP, PEP and PDP. Read more here

Learn to write more expressive code with the Four Rules of Simple Design. At the workshop you’ll be writing code that works, and is covered by tests; if you’re not also clearly expressing the intent of your code, though, you’re only doing half your job. Programming languages are like any other language — a communication tool — and they can be learned as such. Read more here

Practical details

  • Early Bird price: €209 (30% discount from standard price of €298) – available until 14th of April 2017
  • Included: welcome coffee, lunch and coffee breaks
  • Training language: English