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Applied Testing Strategy Workshop


This is a special type of workshop: learn, apply and get the result in the same time. During this workshop the participants will learn about the types of testing a software team can do, decide which of these tests are useful for their context and create a Testing Strategy Document for further use. This is a hands-on workshop with practical exercises, allowing the participants to understand, create and maintain their testing strategy.

Who should attend

  • Testers
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners, Product Managers
  • Technical Managers.


  • Common understanding of the types of tests that can be used
  • Who, when, where: create, write, document each type of test
  • Who, when, where, how: run each type of test
  • Manage each type of tests’ results
  • Feedback cycles for each test type
  • Incremental backlog for implementing the new testing strategy

Course Outline

  • Intro. What is Testing Strategy. How it can help a product decrease the testing costs.
  • Discussion: Existing context; identify major issues and desired outcomes
  • Testing best practices
  • Discussion: types of tests
  • Exercise: on 4-5 person groups define each type of test by using a template supplied by the trainer
  • Aggregate the defined types of tests
  • Group exercise: formulate first Testing Strategy draft with the guidance of the trainer
  • Group exercise: the groups creates a visual improvement roadmap to be able to apply the Testing Strategy with the guidance of the trainer
  • Group exercise: for each activity from the roadmap the trainer finds a volunteer
  • Brainstorm on potential improvements
  • Aggregate the final testing strategy containing: types of tests, testing attitude, roadmap to implement it, volunteers and actions
  • What’s Next & Feedback


  • The attendees of this workshop must know the current context of the product
  • It is essential that the group is cross-functional (testers, programmers, analysts, architects, team leads, etc) so that all the testing needs are taken into account

Course Delivery

  • Hands-on group exercises
  • Practical examples from the trainer
  • Creating the strategy document during the workshop
  • Continuous feedback

Practical details

  • Training language: English / Romanian / French

What’s next?

  • Attend the Unit Testing Workshop, Advanced Applied Unit Testing Workshop, Working FAST and Safe with Existing Code Workshop, Design for Changeability Workshop, Practical Evolutionary Design Masterclass
  • Plan a few remote 2-hour sessions of Hands-on Training on the Job with the trainer. During these sessions you and your team will work on applying the learned concepts directly in your environment.

Need a customized workshop? Contact us and we’ll adapt the content as required.