Agile Transformation

Gain business agility. Improve your agility for the benefit of your business and your customers.

Starting on the agile path is not easy. Given the challenges of changing the mindset and ingraining new practices in an organization, any help is increasing the chances of success.

Taking into consideration the current context, constraints and business objectives, for a smooth transition we are co-designing the agile journey with you.

We will help you accelerate delivery, improve quality and reduce time-to-market by working in your environment, through customized adoption programs. Values, principles and elements of agile leadership are key to the success of each program.

Our approach has the purpose to offer the management, leaders and team(s) a ​different perspective, a fresh perspective on how to achieve the next level of performance with business agility.

Objectives and scopes

Common reasons to adopt Agile and Scrum:

  • accelerate time to market: deliver more value for your users, faster
  • predictability: stabilize the release schedule
  • increase quality: continuous improvement with fast delivery
  • productive collaboration and accelerated knowledge sharing
  • improve customer satisfaction

After discussing in-depth your needs and current context, we’ll co-design the journey through a hands-on, interactive learning experience.

At all times, we’ll plan, execute and coordinate in a true agile way: short iterations, an iterative and incremental manner, with 2-weeks checkpoints for feedback and adjustments, with maximum transparency and visibility at all involved levels.

Approach / Way of work

In terms of delivery, some examples of the techniques and skills that we use are:

  • Pair work, especially useful for the initial phases of acquiring a new skill and for moving beyond obstacles. This is also one of the most powerful tools in our customized coach the coach programs
  • Micro-training, short, less than an hour hands-on training for micro-techniques
  • The power of example. The trainer / the coach demoes a technique to a group of team members and then encourages them to use it. Useful for reducing resistance to adoption.
  • Shadowing & retrospective. The trainer / the coach observes for a period of time how the team members do their daily work and then gives them feedback.
  • One-to-one discussions. Or focused group discussions, on various challenges.
  • When needed, 1-2 hour mini-workshops will be included for new techniques or needed practices applied directly in production.
  • Design experiments. Experimenting. Apply some of the techniques by measuring the expected results. As part of the Agile journey, we recommend an increased focus on designing experiments to validate the defined hypothesis.

Each client organization has an unique culture, team members with diverse experience and skills, and business goals. Depending on your specific needs, customized learning programs and mentorship programs can be created for key people in order to advance on the agility path.

5 Steps To Grow

I. Get to Know Your Context

First we understand your needs, objectives, and context, so that we can provide the best options for you.

II. Design A Personalised Proposal

Based on the initial conversation, we design a customized offer for your specific needs.

III. Agree On Terms

Once you confirm the chosen option, we agree on delivery, timeline, start date, and everything else needed for the best start.

IV. Set The Work Environment

Set everything up for a good collaboration and get ready to start!

V. Start Improving!

Our top-notch, international experts support your growth according to the agreed terms and objectives.

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