If you aim creating better products, if you aim increasing quality and becoming even better than you are today, here are some solutions for your needs:

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Agile transformation

Gain business agility. Improve your internal agility for the benefit of your business and your customers.

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Lean Kanban adoption

Reduce costs and increase value for your business and your customers by improving the flow.

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Managing empowered teams

Lead and coach your teams to their best.

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Lean startup approach

Bring value to your customers while you are very quickly learning about what works and discard what doesn’t.

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Assessment and recommendations

Find answers to your improvement questions on various areas: process, technical, people skills.

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Build communities of practice

Avoid mistakes your colleagues already made and accelerate learning inside your company.

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Fast adoption of technical practices

Reduce costs and risks by improving software engineering skills.

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Architecture and design – assessment

Identify and reduce risks in your codebase

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Mentoring on Software Architecture

Raise to the challenges of a growing product.

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Mentoring on Software Design

Align the changeability of the code to the business needs.

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