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Flavius Stef

VP Engineering and Board Member at Syneto

With more than 15 years of experience in software development, Flavius is an agile trainer and coach who is passionate about helping teams deliver value faster. He believes that software done right has the chance of making our lives better by an order of magnitude.

His two biggest obsessions – product quality and programmer productivity – are rooted in a mixed education: computer-science university plus an economics master’s degree.

Curious by nature, Flavius discovered XP (Extreme Programming) in early 2008 and by 2009 he was leading his first agile team. While not a big fan of one-size-fits-all approaches, he believes that the core agile values (collaboration, continuous improvement, simplicity, courage) are solid pillars to build any product on.

About Flavius:

  • Professionally involved in software development since 2002, with teams and groups of all sizes, in companies ranging from startups to enterprises of several thousand employees
  • Had roles: developer, team leader and manager, Product Owner (certified CSPO), Scrum Master (certified CSM), agile coach and trainer
  • As a start-up cofounder, he also had management responsibilities in fields such as operations, marketing or human resources. This experience taught him the great value of collaboration
  • Has coached, developed or managed at every level of the software stack: Linux/Solaris systems development, embedded, web and mobile applications, Windows user interfaces and SOAP/REST web services
  • Co-organizer of the local agile lean community in Timisoara (www.agileworks.ro): organized meetings, held multiple presentations and workshops
  • As a consultant and trainer, he worked with more than 500 people (team members, managers, directors, project managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters) in over 25 companies in the following sectors: telco, media, I.T., government, finance, energy
  • Has championed, then led the agile transition efforts for several teams, coaching and training on various topics such as: Scrum, lean, Kanban, product ownership, visual management, team leadership
  • With a technical background, can also cover topics like architecture, clean code, refactoring, domain driven design, unit testing or TDD

The biggest strength Flavius has is his exposure to all aspects of running a business. Combined with numerous opportunities to see what works and what doesn’t, he acquired the skills needed to tailor coaching and training programs for every team’s situation.

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