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Kirill Klimov

Organizational Consultant

Kirill Klimov is a guide, coach, trainer using Agile, Lean principles and practices. Kirill’s main objective is to help companies with Agile transformations as a way of focusing on product development, increasing speed of product changes, improving staff involvement and process efficiency. In the past, Kirill was blessed to wear different hats – web applications developer, systems administrator, project manager, general manager, people manager, consultant, trainer, and coach primarily within e-commerce and travel.

He changed processes – passed through it, with what is now helping other companies. Kirill started offshore development office of an international company in Kiev and was overall in charge of it. Kirill can start new (remote) office of a high-tech company from logistics up to on-boarding and future optimising.

He is passionate about improving the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations using Agile and Lean principles and techniques. While having a strong technical background, nowadays he enjoys more working at the complex people side of software development process equation over complicated technical side. Kirill makes Agile transformations in large distributed projects and small teams since 2008.

Kirill is an accredited kanban trainer by LeanKanban University, which gives him the right to teach the LKU certification trainings on Kanban method. One of the stages of preparation for this status was in person training by David Anderson, author of the Kanban method. Kirill holds a mix of different certifications; he is actively involved in life of and Agile community – he is regularly speaker at various conferences, events, meet-ups and so forth.

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