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Mario Gadet

CST and Product Owner

Mario Gadet is a senior coach, trainer and consultant of agility, lean and Scrum.

Mario Gadet professionally teaches, coaches, and consults to people and organizations about agility, Scrum, lean thinking, and design thinking.

He helps, inspires and educates them about values, principles, practices, benefits, and application of agility and lean.

Working internationally since 2008, Mario has a record of developing products and delivering impact. Former lecturer at the International School of Engineering (ISE), he continued his career on both building technology products and teaching the mastery of agility.

Since 2011, Mario has focused on organization agility and its associated thinking, especially in large (DAX30) German companies.

As an experienced Agile Trainer, Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Coach, Mario has been engaged at various organization levels, in various industries, inspiring people to collaborate and perform across organizational boundaries.

As a passionate agile and Scrum advocate, he brings individuals and teams together to discover innovative solutions to complex business and product problems.

Within teams, Mario cultivates a safe, collaborative environment and culture that encourages experimentation and learning to achieve organization and product excellence.

With an extensive experience in training, Mario utilizes concepts from “Training from the Back of the Room” (TBR) to make his trainings dynamic and engaging via hands-on exercises, exploration of metaphors, discussion of participant open-end questions, and immediate adaptation of a course based on continuous participant feedback. Mario is designing the group learning environment to increase the participants’ engagement and topic mastery.

Mario is a frequent speaker at local communities and international conferences.

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