Petra Skapa

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Petra Skapa

Agile Change Agent & Founder of Alluvial Consulting

I’ve been working in Agile methodologies since 2001. I did a career change from Social Worker to Developer through the Object Oriented Software Techology post graduate program at St Mary’s University in Halifax.

I did my internship at TransCanada Pipelines where I worked with ThoughtWorks. I met Ken Schwaberthere in 2002 as he was teaching us Scrum and helping us kick off a large project. I joined ThoughtWorks in 2003 as an consultant. I was on the road for years working in many client sites mostly across North America.

I was able to travel to the India and Uk offices as well. I joined Gap Inc Direct in 2007 as their Chief Agilist and lead organization transformation efforts, which is my specialty now. I moved to Paris in June 2009 and am now consulting in France.

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