Ran Nyman

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Ran Nyman

Certified LeSS Trainer, CST | Founding Partner at Gosei Ltd | Author or Coordination Chaos

Ran Nyman is an experienced software professional who has worked since 1995 in professional software development field. First programs he wrote in CP/M operating system using basic language in middle of eighties. Since then he has moved to more modern languages like C, C++ and Java.

Ran has lot’s experience in Scrum, design patterns, UML, distributed systems, Test Driven Development and Specification by Example, Executable Requirements (also know as Acceptance Test Driven Development).

Currently Ran is working as trainer and consultant helping large multinational organizations to move from sequential product development to more agile ways of working. The main focus has been on how to move big products development organizations (over 100 people) to use Scrum.

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