Michael Kacprzak

Michael is an experienced trainer and also the founder of Switch2Agile and Agile coach at Babbel – Lesson Nine GmbH in Berlin.

He gained his project management experience at IBM (Public Sector) and telecom industry.

Michael gained his management, coaching and training experience with mulNple teams, being involved in Agile transformaNons in large projects.

He is a cerNfied Agile pracNNoner and leader, running projects and giving lectures globally on Agile| Lean methods, Agile transformaNons at the enterprise level, Scrum and Kanban.

Michael is the first person in Poland that holds the SPC (Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant) CerNficaNon.

Michael graduated from the Warsaw University – Faculty of Management. His personal interests are leadership, psychology of change and developing successful teams.

In the last years he delivered Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) trainings Globally for Managers (Leading SAFe) and SW Development teams (SAFe ScrumXP).