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January 17, 2017

mozaic work ebook

We are committed to champion software excellence and challenge the current practices. Our aim is to constantly improve: business, product, and teams. That’s why, in this last month we carefully selected pieces of advice, practical ideas for you & your team to improve and grow. 

For you to easier access them, we present you the newest Mozaic Works eBook – “Your guide to growing business, products and teams”.


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From practitioners to practitioners

This eBook captures the output of international practitioners, trainers, and coaches in a format that provides value to a range of professionals, from managers to software developers. The content is intended to tackle the most recurrent topics that emerged during the recent sessions with international companies, both small and large, and different type of teams.

Small ideas often mean big results

If you want to start introducing new concepts or incrementally improve the way you work, this eBook is for you. In this guide, we’ll share 10 inspiring & hands-on articles that you can “borrow” for your own organization and teams.

The power of experiments and incremental change

The information from this eBook is inspired by teams and organizations like yours, who had the vision and courage to experiment. Find inspiration for your own challenges and try your own experiments.


We are looking forward receiving your feedback. As we are preparing a new eBook, share in a comment what topics are of interest for you. 

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