How to plan a successful product from the idea to the design [UX workshop]

Design and plan for a successful digital product

In this training you will experience how to lay down the foundations of a successful digital product. Applying a very hands-on straightforward process you will learn how to identify target users, set business goals, identify risks and devise features for a product idea.

Why Attend

If you apply the right strategy from the beginning, you can save a lot of time and money on product development. We will start with the business/product idea as an input. During the workshop, you will learn UX strategy and design thinking principles. After the course, you will be able to:

  • See an overview of the business (users, product, marketing, etc.)
  • Identify your target users
  • Identify assumptions about the users and know how to validate them
  • See the risky assumptions about the product and know how to validate them
  • Map out what features are necessary for the product
  • Decide what to put in an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • How to create a design brief to move on to the product design
  • Do workshops with your team and integrate designers, stakeholders, and developers in the process for better collaboration

You will also get these to the workshop:

  • A copy of Csaba’s book: Seven Step UX: The Cookbook for Creating Successful Products
  • Every template in a ready-to-use format (user personas, business canvas, functionality map, design brief template, etc.)

Who Should Attend

  • Product Managers, Startup founders, Business executives:

You will have a hands-on process for kickstarting a new product (or clear up an existing one). After the workshop, you can ensure that you focus on the right users, see the functionality that needs to be designed, have tools to validate your assumptions and have clear documentation which helps transparency in the team.

  • Designers (UX, UI):

As a designer, you will see what comes before the designs and understand the importance of business goals and user needs. This will help you to create better designs, form a better communication with stakeholders and product managers and to be a hands-on designer.

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion

This Learning Program is Available on Demand


    In this course, we will cover the following topics:

    • The User-Centered Business Canvas (UCBC)
    • Identifying business risks
    • Creating meaningful User Personas
    • Validating User Personas
    • Mapping out and prioritizing features
    • The concept of the MVP
    • Writing a good Design Brief

    More details and full agenda here

    Meet Your Trainers

    Csaba Házi

    UX Strategist and Senior Product Designer at Toptal

    Csaba is author, speaker and User Experience (UX), expert and evangelist. He is currently working as UX Strategist and Senior Product Designer at Toptal. Previously he was the co-founder of Webabstract, a rapidly growing international UX agency. His data-driven, down-to-earth “Seven Step UX” framework has helped companies ranging from emerging startups to international enterprises creating a user experience that make them unique and successful in their field. Csaba published his book called the “Seven Step UX: The Cookbook For Creating Great Products” which made it become a best-seller in the UX & usability category. He is a passionate speaker on social topics (like education and healthcare). Csaba’s goal is to introduce UX to other industries to solve real problems and create…

    More about Csaba Házi >
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