Product Owner Workshop

Become a great Product Owner through practical exercises, engaging games, and conversations, while enjoying the journey with your team!

Agile and Scrum focus teams on building the product, enhancing the roles of Product Manager and Product Owner. These roles are key members of successful Agile teams. This training explains the key points of a Product Owner’s mission: define the product vision, its content and values for the customers and the company. Participants will learn how to bring most value to their users, ensuring continuous feedback and value-added results.

Why Attend

Based on an interactive approach the training will help you to understand the mission of the Product Owner and apply it to your organization and effectively handle software products from roadmap and scoping to delivery.


The course gives Management and Product Management means to have a better understanding of the uncertainty embedded in user stories and a shared understanding with Tech teams of Business Value.” – Rob, Netherlands

This was One of the best place to realize the importance of face-to-face coworking. including target customers.” – Jean-Marc, France

I really learned a lot in this training. I was new to agile Product Development and this course made me realize how creating great products is not only a question of smart marketing techniques but of new mindset about the relationship between development and customer.“ – Jacques, France

The exercises used in the training are excellent, interactivity brings a lot of learning value.“ – Cyril, France

I learned a lot about how Agile approach affects daily product management and development.” – Jerry, Koreea

Who Should Attend

Product Owners, Managers, Analysts, Product Managers, and anyone interested in working on or with a Scrum team. Through practical, hands-on exercises and small-group discussion you will be prepared to plan your first (or next) sprint immediately after this class. Scrum Masters can benefit from this course as they must coach Product Owners in these skills.

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion

This Learning Program is Available on Demand


    Product Owner Ecosystem

    • Product Owner role and interactions with all the other stakeholders
    • Product Owner’s Profile

    Product Owner’s Mission

    • Managing the goals while keeping on track of the shared Product vision and scope
    • Responsibilities of the Product Owner in an Agile team
    • Contribution of the Product Owner in the Scrum ceremonies
    • Manage product responsibility

    Product Owner’s artifacts

    • Backlog evolution
    • The 2 sides of specifications: User Stories and acceptance tests

    Product Ownership applied

    • Define and share product vision
    • Define and adjust the product plan
    • Manage by value and control perimeter
    • User profiles. « Persona » game
    • Master priority management through customer filters
    • Master the UX approach, from epics to User Stories, Story Mapping technics
    • Specify through example or using BDD and ATDD to create acceptance tests

    We believe that best learning is achieved by practicing. For this reason, we build our courses in a very interactive way and use an important number of exercises. We also support the approach of training by the pairs, where participants share their understanding about the topics teached during the class.

    More details and full agenda here


    Participants should be familiar with Agile principles.

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