Zero-configuration Microservices with Node.js and Docker

Build zero-configuration, self-healing mechanism with a proper microservices architecture

Microservices are taking the world by storm but it implies more than what is currently marketed. This workshop details how a proper microservices architecture should work: zero-configuration, highly-redundant, fault-tolerant, self-healing mechanism with auto-discovery. We will specifically focus on such an implementation with Docker and Node.js and the principles are applicable to any modern language.

Why Attend

A cloud Developer should be skilled in both developing and deploying the application they write. This workshop is designed to give you a complete picture for a software delivery lifecycle in the cloud era.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply the best practices of microservices
  • Structure microservices applications and break down a monolith into a microservice
  • Set up Docker and create Docker images for microservices
  • Create a cloud environment in Docker Cloud for CI/CD
  • Deploy the application to a cloud provider
  • Learn scalability, redundancy, high-availability techniques
  • Do rolling upgrades on deployed services for zero-downtime deployments

Who Should Attend

This course is for advanced cloud/back-end Developers who want to get into the microservices game. The participants should have a basic working knowledge of Docker. All programming exercises will be done using JavaScript and Node.js.

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion

This Learning Program is Available on Demand


    This workshop will go over the following topics:

    • An example e-commerce application developed in Node.js with microservices
    • A realback-office and a front-end application that update with orders and purchases in real-time
    • Designing for microservices communication
    • Data denormalization and client-side joins
    • Preparing Docker images
    • Running a full-stack application in docker-compose
    • Creating a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub and Docker Cloud
    • Rolling out a new update for the deployed software

    We will have a healthy split between talks and coding and every participant will get a chance to try the approaches hands on.

    More details and full agenda here

    Practical details

    Participants should have a very basic knowledge of microservices and Node.js. A working installation of the latest version of Node.js and Docker are required so that we don’t waste time during the workshop. Participants should bring either Mac or Linux laptops. While the technologies we use are also available on Windows, no guarantee can be made if they will work coherently on Windows.

    We’ll ask you to fork a repository on GitHub, so it’s a good idea to have an account there. A DigitalOcean account is advised to efficiently participate in the CI/CD stage (all participants can sign up for a free DigitalOcean account and receive 20$ in credits provided by Docker Cloud).

    Meet Your Trainers

    Armagan Amcalar

    Founder & Managing Director at Coyotiv UG - School of Software Engineering

    Armagan is the Founder & Managing Director at Coyotiv UG – School of Software Engineering. Previously he worked as Head of Software Engineering at unu GmbH, and is currently working on building the infrastructure for the future of mobility. A software architect well versed in both the backend and frontend systems, he focuses on building resilient clouds. He loves open source and is the author of cote, a library for building microservices with Node.js, among many others. In his free time, he loves to hack stuff with JavaScript, ranging from musical gadgets to brain signals processing. Armagan is a public speaker, a mentor and a lecturer. He leads Lonca, a software craftsmanship school for women engineers, and teaches JavaScript at Women Techmakers Berlin.

    More about Armagan Amcalar >
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