Assessment Of Agile Environment

Get an accurate view for your Agile state, along with the recommendations of our experienced practitioner experts

Find answers to your improvement questions and gain a different perspective, at one or more levels:

  • business agility and value streams for your customers
  • product
  • team or department process
  • architecture and design
  • development

After focused interviews and reviews, Mozaic Works coaches deliver to you the findings, conclusions, impediments, recommendations and improvement suggestions.

Objectives and scope

The assessment has the purpose to offer the management, leaders and product team(s) a ​different perspective, a fresh perspective on how to achieve the next level of performance.

In addition to stated customer objectives, we ​evaluate the current status against the objective of becoming a ​high performing, fast delivery product team​.

The assessment report includes:​ ​the good aspects, what can be improved, risks, impediments, recommendations /suggestions:

  • prioritization of the areas/techniques to be improved
  • next actions for the improvement phase
  • best practices to start with

The information is consolidated at the product team level and management level.
A final debriefing is closing the assessment phase.

The report is structured as such:

  • Conclusions | Executive overview
  • The detailed strong points (covers all agreed directions)
  • Risks (covers all agreed directions)
  • Recommendations (covers all agreed directions)

What’s next?

You can chose to continue with:

  • improvement roadmap
  • hands on training on the priority topics
  • mentoring or coaching program, customized for your unique context

Mozaic Works coaches don’t rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach and can help you find the right combination of activities for a successful transition to a better state.

Note: fast growing teams and companies are frequently asking for an assessment as they aim growing on a solid ground.

5 Steps To Grow

I. Get to Know Your Context

First we understand your needs, objectives, and context, so that we can provide the best options for you.

II. Design A Personalised Proposal

Based on the initial conversation, we design a customized offer for your specific needs.

III. Agree On Terms

Once you confirm the chosen option, we agree on delivery, timeline, start date, and everything else needed for the best start.

IV. Set The Work Environment

Set everything up for a good collaboration and get ready to start!

V. Start Improving!

Our top-notch, international experts support your growth according to the agreed terms and objectives.

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