Adrian Bolboaca

VP of Innovation, Senior Trainer at Mozaic Works

With more than 16 years of international experience in the world of software and transformations, Adrian shares about himself:

I want to help my clients improve their business. I was helped by my professors, colleagues and mentors to continuously improve. Whenever I write code I focus on reducing domain complexity to obtain robust, maintainable software.

The continuous improvement paradigm is important for the people I work with and for myself; this is why I like helping people, teams and businesses to become more adaptable and reach their goals.

About Adi

  • International hands-on experience in product & software development for more than 16 years in small and large companies, with customers from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, France
  • Experienced trainer – he likes to teach passionate people from dynamic companies to exceed their potential by challenging their current activity model for a better collaboration, performance and satisfaction
  • Has trained and coached individuals and teams on both technical and organizational side on topics like: architecture & software design, agile and lean transformations, visual management, continuous improvement, Scrum, Kanban, unit testing, TDD, pair-programming, clean code, rescuing legacy code 
  • Involved as a trainer, coach & consultant in agile, lean and software craftsmanship transformations in small and large companies
  • Involved in developing software for domains like: energy, e-commerce, banking, customs, public sector and ERP/CRM software
  • Pragmatic approach for continuous improvement: the right combination of practices helps the teams to obtain better results, faster 
  • Technology agnostic, he worked on a lot of technology stacks, and can adapt to the needs of any team
  • Facilitated over 100 coderetreats in: Romania, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Switzerland; one of the most active coderetreat facilitators in Europe
  • Continuous learner and challenger of existing ideas and concepts
  • Keen interest in serious games, and using gamestorming for continuous improvement
  • Fluent in Romanian, English and French
  • Active in the communities from Europe: Romania (, Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Agile Lean Europe Network (
  • Author of the Coderetreat book, a book for coderetreat hosts and facilitators and Facilitating Technical Events book, for trainers, facilitators and community organizers to deliver the best learning events for their peers
  • Creator of innovative technical games like: Taking Baby StepsBrutal Refactoring Game. Promoter of games useful for personal technical improvements like TDD as if you meant it
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