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Ahmed Syed

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach

Ahmed Syed is a specialist in Scaling Agile and has been leading and coaching Agile teams and programmes for over 15 years. He has transitioned teams, divisions and even companies to Agile across industry including iconic brands such as BMW, Shell, BP and LexisNexis.

He is one of the most experienced Scaled Agile trainers and consultants in the United Kingdom, speaking at top Agile conferences and has personally facilitated over 20 Program Increment Planning sessions for multiple customers and has coached and led numerous SAFe Agile Release Trains.

His most recent experience has been in helping the EVE programme in Vodafone to successfully transition to Scaled Agile. The EVE program has over 120 people and is now widely recognised as one of the most advanced Agile programmes in Vodafone. Since the successful transition to Agile of the EVE programme, Ahmed has now launched a second Agile programme in Vodafone – which is already showing great promise.

He regularly runs Scaled Agile certification and non-certification training courses and regularly publishes ‘SAFe in the Real World’ training videos on Scaling Agile to teach and support other Agile specialists.

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