Scrum versus Kanban: Is there really a battle?

This month marked the first edition of the Agile Talks — a community event organized by my colleagues at Mozaic Works. Since there were several questions about Kanban during the previous meetups, I chose to talk about it and compare it with Scrum. Thus, “Scrum versus Kanban” was born.

We skipped the Scrum part, since everyone said they were familiar with it. Instead, we had a nice chat on Kanban and its applicability. My main message was that there isn’t an actual battle between the two. Instead, I proposed that every team should act like a chef — they should understand the practices proposed by both and tailor them to suit their particular business need. Sadly, Scrum versus Kanban ends in a tie.

We next had a very nice Open Space session where a QA manager told us the story of his team and how they used Kanban to perform system testing for several development teams.

All in all, it was a very nice experience, with lively debates and a good positive feedback at the end. I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to meeting this crowd again at Agile Talks #2. See you there on January 14th?

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