ALE2013, the second day

stick menWhat a day…what a night! So many activities and so intensive that I didn’t realize when the time flied. So, I am writing now about the day before.

I will tell you shortly what happened yesterday. Flavius Stef and Claudia Rosu opened the day with the intro. They surprised us inviting the ALE kids (participants‘ kids) to wake up us dancing with us, refreshing ourselves and feeling energized.

After the group of speakers introduced their talk, Liz Keogh, the well-known blogger and international speaker, a core member of the BDD community and a contributor to a number of open-source projects including Jbehave, started the Keynote talking about feature injection, #ux and BDD and the priciples of forgiveness. “When information is unimportant use Twitter@lunivore #ale13

As in the first day of the unconference, participants had to choose one track out of four. I was very happy that some attendees found their answers about Unit testing in the Adrian Bolboaca and Alexandru Bolboaca “Unit Testing Patterns” session.

Adi&Alex Unit testing patterns

Talking, learning, listening, asking and receiving answers, the first part of the second day passed very quickly.

After the tasty lunch, the Open Space sessions provoked us to choose one of very interesting topics. Thus, each attendee decided what is interesting from the Market Place where people proposed subjects of discussions.

Market Place - Day2

For the first time participants, this Market Place was a novelty but they get used to it. It is a common thing for the unconference. As the title says and the image shows, it’s a place where people interested in some subjects, write them down on a sticker and put it on the wall into a time and place box. It could be more different subjects in the same time but this is a challenge to discipline your thoughts and choose what is best suited for you in that moment. Anyway, there is a possibility next day to put in the Market place the subject you have missed and want to talk about.

All in all, it is a disciplined freedom to choose and do whatever you want. A very popular session was the one where the attendees learned drawing  101.

After the end of conference session, most all of the participants went to “Hanul lui Manuc” restaurant. The main tools for an evening to remember were: location, food, drink and Marius Matache’s guitar.

I wish more people were here to enjoy the last day program.

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