Onwah Tsang – Jack of all trades master of none

Onwah Tsang shared his insights on being a Jack of all trades, master of none Onwah stated that in an era dominated by an online-first approach, complex algorithms and massive datasets, having some technical skills might open up new opportunities. In his talk, he explores how specialists such as product management, designers and journalists can benefit from learning how to code and getting into it is not as difficult as it may seem. Product Leaders Summit is an event for everyone passionate about building successful products. You can find out more at https://productleaders.eu/. The event has been proudly designed by Mozaic Works. Mozaic Works is providing high quality, customized learning experiences and change programs to achieve business agility, successful products, technical excellence, agile management and leadership. Find out more from https://mozaicworks.com. Think. Design. Work Smart. Visit the channel and subscribe

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